What You Want: Stoners


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    This is 1/4 of the 4 part mixtape "What You Want". This part of the tape is for the Stoners. Sit back, roll that shit up, light that shit up, and enjoy some great smoking music.




released January 16, 2011

FLYTASTiK (Rapper/Executive Producer), BobxWeave (Producer of "Drinking AriZonA" "We High") Mitchell "Money Makin' Mitch" Croley



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


FLYTASTiK Atlanta, Georgia

Repping what he calls "Fear-Less Youth" entertainer with rhymes just as sharp as his discriminating taste in threads is 21 year-old, Atlanta-based New Orleans transplant FLYTASTIK.
“I try to make you feel involved in the music. It’s motivation,” he explains. “I’m just here to make good music- whether you’re riding in your car feeling good or you’re having a bad day. I’m here to fill every void"
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Track Name: Drinking AriZonA
This is for the Stonners
Drinking AriZonA
Track Name: Im Blazed
You can tell that I'm high
Yea nigga I'm Blazed
By the look in my eye
They say I'm in a Daze

You can smell what I'm smokin
From miles away
Yea homie I'm high
Yea Mama I'm Blazed
Track Name: LaLALa
Crushin' it
Bustin' it
Open and
Rollin it
Smokin' it
Higher than Trees get
Flyer than Bees Bitch
Take me to the top
Oh how I love the

La, La, La, La
Track Name: FLYTASTiK & Billz - We High
I put the Pine
In a Swisher
Burnin down with my bitch
And she high
We high
Feeling alright
keep rollin up and just ride
just ride

Yo the Dutch
Get bust
and stuffed with these Northern Lights
Me and shorty is high
We feelin alright
Keep rollin up and just ride
Track Name: Hope Less
Im on my last leg
One thought short of a dream
I might end up dead
if i take a sip out of this drink

Cuz everytime the light's red
i see green
Everytime the lights red
i see green

And I try to close my eyes
and lay my head down to sleep

But evertime the light's red
I see green
Everytime the light's red
i see green

All I hear is them dead people talkin to me
They sayin'